Mardouw Skincare Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)


Mardouw’s range of skincare products is made from our best quality olives, grown, hand-picked and cold-pressed at the private Mardouw Olive Estate in Swellendam, South Africa.

Extra virgin olive oil is beneficial for hair and skin, and may slow down the aging process.

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Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, olive oil has been used for its health benefits since 6000 BC.

Skin As a body lotion extra virgin olive oil is beneficial in the treatment of burn wounds (including sun burn), in the prevention and treatment of stretch marks and in slowing down the skin’s aging process.

Hair Extra virgin olive oil is beneficial in the treatment of lifeless hair, dandruff and dry nails.

Cold Pressed … means that the entire process, within 24 hours after harvest, from crushing to decanting, settling and storing, is temperature-controlled. This is important for olives to retain all of their health properties.

Made from gold-award-winning EVOO. 100% natural – made from hand-picked olives, irrigated by fresh mountain water, in the fertile and healthy valley of Swellendam. Packaged in a sleek bottle, with a handy dispenser. Orange infused