Mardouw XXV

Mardouw’s flagship superior extra virgin olive oil



Mardouw’s flagship superior extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is only Extra Virgin if the free fatty “oleic” acid content is below 0,8%/m/m. That’s the international standard, promulgated by the International Olive Council. Mardouw’s lab results return consistently remarkable low values, with the latest (2017) results showing 0.27%/m/m free fatty (oleic) acids, and 5.8 meq/kg peroxide value.

“In celebration of these exceptional, lab-tested quality standards, we have produced an extra virgin olive oil that is superior in both taste and health characteristics,” says André Verder, Mardouw Olive Estate owner. “Mardouw’s flagship XXV extra extra virgin olive oil is a proudly South African extra virgin olive oil of superior quality.”


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