2016 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)

Mardouw’s Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with up-to-date knowledge and olive fruit; a blend of mainly Frantoio, FS17 and Mission olives; each contributing specific characteristic to the final product. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the natural fruit juice that has been extracted from olives at a temperature below 30°C, and without any additions or modifications. It has zero defects on sensory tasting and meets certain chemical tests to ensure that the free acidity (oleic acid) value is 0.8% or lower and the peroxides are less than 20meg/kg. Mardouw guarantees these conditions. The oil is allowed to settle in stainless steel tanks for ±2 months before being pumped off the residue. It is then blended to provide the final flavour profile and kept in perfect conditions until it is bottled. The bottle is sealed with a tamper proof pourer that guarantees that the bottle of oil you open was filled at Mardouw Olive Estate.



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Mardouw’s olive oil is a nutty, well-balanced medium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. On the nose it has fruit of green and ripe olives, olive leaves, artichoke, green almonds and walnut.

Mardouw’s 2015 Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded Silver at the annual SA Olive Awards and with the CTC seal.

250ml, 500ml and 1 litre Bag-in-Box with tap

Swellendam, Western Cape
Cold winters, mild summers and pure mountain water
Soil and Mediterranean climate create perfect growing conditions

Blend of Frantoio, FS17 and Mission olives

Extraction using a state of the art Oliomio press.

Acidity <0.28% Peroxide Value <9.0%

Mardouw’s Premium Extra Virgin Olive oil makes an excellent salad dressing just as it is, or use it to drizzle over your favourite Italian bread or on your morning toast instead of butter. Drizzle on grilled fish, roast vegetables or stir fries. It makes excellent mayonnaise.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Natutal Free Acidity < 0.5%
Peroxide Value < 15
Nutritional Information
Nutrient Average values per 15ml
Energy  548/134
Protein 0
Carbohydrates <1
Total Fat 14.8
Monounsaturated 10.7
Polyunsaturated 1.8
Saturated 2.5
Cholesterol 0
Sodium <1
Rich in anti-oxidants

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Weight 0.25 kg

2014, 2015